Citi partners with BenefitHub to provide employees access to discounts for your favorite activities, products and services, including museum, theatre and concert tickets, computers, internet and wireless service, travel, product discounts and other perks.

To learn more, select “BenefitHub” under “Want to Get to Our Best in Class Vendors Fast?” in the upper right hand corner of My Total Compensation and Benefits.

Get Discounted Online Counseling

Through the Be Well Program’s online counseling option, you and your household members can each receive up to five free phone, video or chat sessions, or up to five weeks of free asynchronous texting per issue, per year. After that, you can continue to access BetterHelp services at a 30% discount off the basic consumer subscription rate — for as long as you need the ongoing support.

Save Money on Tutoring and Child/Elder Care

Citi’s partnership with Bright Horizons gives you discounted access to a variety of family support solutions:

  • Find tutors, test prep, and other education and learning resources for your child, with options for every age. Keep in mind that you can trade your back-up care days for virtual tutoring sessions.
  • Find affordable child and elder care. Bright Horizons offers high-value back-up care with reduced copays, nanny placement services, and more.